Whether it is harsh and cold or relatively mild, it always feels like winters are longer than the other seasons. And after another long winter, here comes the spring. It’s the best time to spend some quality time with your pet. Season of play, fun, lightness…  Like all other seasons, spring affects both us and our pets in many ways. So, let’s have a look: What changes occur on your pet’s body during spring? And what can you do to make them spend this spring more comfortably?

The amount of food:  

Spring usually brings appetite to your pet. They start to eat more since they feel active and alive.

Time to play:

Create some opportunities for them to play around. Take them to the parks, give them some more toys to play together with, let them socialize with other pets. Especially dogs need to run and have fun. If you have a puppy, don’t forget to take this spring as a chance to strengthen the link between you and your little fellow. Be ready for instant changes in weather.

Protect him from the parasites:

The more time your pet spends outside, the more she becomes open to the infections that are caused by parasites. Try to check her fur after each walk and remove the parasites (such as ticks) by using tweezers. Alternatively, you can use medication after consulting your vet.

Spring means allergies:

Take a closer look at your pet’s eyes. If they are red, teary…etc or if she scratches herself more than ever, than it can be a sign of hay fever.  It’s worth to pay a visit to your vet to help your pet to adapt to the new season.

Don’t forget to change your pet’s bed:

If you’re using wool beds in winter, like we do, don’t forget to change them with something lighter to prevent eczema, dry skin or dehydration.


More time spent at outdoors means more dirt. Your pet’s fur will be full of dust, leaves, thorns and parasites. We believe bathing your pet with shampoos that may include harmful chemicals (harmful to your pet and the nature) is not the solution. Using Cleapet to clean your pet is a better way to treat her skin. You can reduce the risk of skin allergies or eczema caused by spring or rising temperatures. Click here to learn more about this miraculous way of cleaning.

To sum up, explore as much as you can with your pet this spring. There are many amazing routes around the UK for trekking, walking, running…etc. You can give camping a chance as well. We are lucky when it comes to parks, so enjoy the green fields.

Have great fun with your pet and enjoy the spring!