Peaceful Cleaning Towels vs. Water Fights

Those bath attempts where you end up being soaking wet, while your dog somehow manages to avoid all your efforts… A cheerful jump right into the mud, just when you were thinking that your dog’s bath was completed successfully. An hour full of resistance against the bath time… Just relax. Been there, done that!

Let’s meet! We are a bunch of crazy animal lovers, who try to make life easier for both pets, and their owners. We should confess! We had the same problems with our own dogs for quite a long time. We tried to use various pet supplies like dog cleaning wipes, dog bath brushes, dog cleaning kits… And we did give several chances to some alternative methods as well, yet they did not work for us. We even tried to avoid bathing our pets completely for some time, but it ended up in a very stinky way, as you may imagine. Yes, dog grooming is a huge market however it’s not easy to find the right solution.  So, let’s start from the beginning. Here comes that vital question:

Do dogs really have a bad smell?

The answer is yes, and no. Do you know why? All dogs have their OWN kind of scent, and this one actually does not irritate you. This is literally their fingerprint to communicate with other dogs and to demarcate their own area. When it comes to that bad smell, well it’s caused by the harmful bacteria and viruses, which can be removed. The good news is, you don’t have to accept that bad odour as a nature of being a dog owner. On the other hand, your dog needs to be cleaned regularly for his health. So, if cleaning is that important, how shall we do it in a hassle-free way? The first option that comes to our minds is simply bathing our dogs, which obviously is not the most practical, healthy and environment-friendly way. But why?

1. Dogs usually hate bathing!: When it comes to bathing a dog, it is that simple. They don’t like to be washed. Bathing a dog is one of the most well-known tortures both for the owners and their dogs. It’s so difficult to deal with -especially- a big dog, while you are washing him. Firstly, if you are living in a small flat, it’s nearly impossible to find the right place to wash your dog. Plus, even if you have a dog bath tub, you need to get ready for a huge mess and some water fights. In this case, life would be easier for the owners with a garden. Yet, you should be ready to play tag for sure in that case. Most probably you would find yourself in an infinite circle of dog bathing, all Sunday. We can imagine those miserable scenes so clearly. How about you?

2. Shampoos might irritate your dog’s skin: A dog’s skin has an oily layer which helps to moisture his peel. When you apply a dog shampoo, the chemicals would take off that necessary layer as well. Shortly, it would clean him more than he needs. As a result, your dog’s skin becomes vulnerable. Don’t take his healthy skin away from him.

3. Most shampoos contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment: The earth had more than enough of the chemical stuff already. When you wash your dog, the chemicals are emitted into the soil and poison it. By the way, there are some organic shampoos as well, however they could still harm your dog’s skin.

4. Your pet’s risk of getting a cold:  It’s nearly impossible for a dog to get totally dry in winter time, which rises his risk of getting a cold. Especially in the UK, where we can barely see the sun in winter.

Is there a better way?

There are some other ways to get rid of that smell, such as using dog-cleaning sprays, dry shampoos, daily dog cleaning wipes etc... However, it’s much better to get to the root of the problem, rather than masking it with another smell. But how? We asked the same question to ourselves before developing Cleapet. It’s a brand dedicated to loving pets and a new era in pet grooming. We designed it for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and all other furry pets. It’s a vegan and healthy product which decomposes in nature. Cleapet was never tested on animals while it was being developed. It also doesn’t contain any chemicals which harm our planet. It just takes 5 minutes to clean up all of your dog’s body with Cleapet. It’s more like giving your dog a hug, rather than a treatment. A hug which keeps him away from unpleasant odours for another 15 days while helping his skin and coat to become healthier. Besides there won’t be a question of getting totally dry or not.

So, it seems possible to clean your dog without traumatising him and yourself, also without creating any waste. You can choose the peaceful cleaning towels against the unpleasant bath fights, so that you and your dog can live happily ever after.

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