What is colloidal silver?

Pet lovers, are you ready to discover a new era in pet grooming? Let’s start by telling what colloidal silver is. Colloidal silver is defined as a suspension of tiny particles of silver in a liquid which is called a colloidal base. In the case of “nano” colloidal silver, the size of the particles is in the nanometer range meaning in the range of one-billionth of a meter. Due to their small size, the particles cannot be removed by a normal filtering process. That is to say that they are persistent for a long time even if you wash your pet. Colloidal silver is naturally antibacterial and it not only kills harmful bacteria but also stops the formation of new ones in the applied area.

How does colloidal silver work?

Colloidal silver sticks to proteins on the cell walls of harmful bacteria and damages their cell membranes. By this, silver ions pass into their cells and destroy them. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. We can see it as a powerful alternative for synthetic antibiotics. There are even some cases where this miraculous element cures vital diseases like Valley Fever.

What are the benefits of colloidal silver for pets?

1-Infections: Using colloidal silver on a regular basis fights with inflammation since it is an all-round pathogen fighter. Your pet will be protected against bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Taking into account how they like to roll on filthy stuff like mud or fox poo or how often they are in contact with urinals, it is really important to keep the bacteria away for their health.

2-Skin: Colloidal silver repairs damages on tissues and that helps your pet get rid of skin infections, such as; eczema, burns, wounds, ringworm etc… Keep in mind that shedding might occur as a result of an unhealthy skin. Nano colloidal silver stops excessive hair loss of your pet by providing a healthier skin and coat. It strengthens the coat and soothes the skin.

3- Ears: We know that some pets get ear infections so often. Luckily, you can use colloidal silver to prevent harmful bacteria and yeast. Don’t forget that this kind of infections need to be considered seriously because they can cause other problems in the long run. Special care is required during bathing and it is important to make sure you dry your pet’s ears thoroughly. Otherwise, the moist environment will ease the formation of bacteria.

4-Eyes: Our pets’ eyes can be really sensitive especially depending on seasonal changes. Therefore, if your pet’s eyes are red and watery, you should consider applying colloidal silver around her eyes.

How does Cleapet use nano colloidal silver for grooming?

With its patented formula, Cleapet Wet Towels provide long-lasting and reliable protection. Antibacterial effect of each towel lasts for an average of 15 days. It’s a product for pet grooming that helps to clean your pet while protecting her skin, ears, eyes, fur from infections, yeast, fungus etc… As a result of treating harmful bacteria, the unpleasant odour disappears and it ensures to restore the original scent of your pet without using any perfume or deodorizing agent. You may eliminate the need to bathe your pet by using Cleapet Wet Towels twice a month. Click here to give this new generation pet skin care product a chance. We promise you won’t regret it!