For how long each towel is effective against the unpleasant odour?

In average for 15 days. This span may increase or decrease a few days depending on the environment to which your pet is exposed. If your pet lives within the house, you may expect the effect to last around 20 days.

My cat is shedding more than normal. Would Cleapet help?

Extraordinary shedding is seen frequently on an unhealthy skin. Thanks to nano colloidal silver, Cleapet provides a healthier skin and strengthens the hair roots, thus reduces shedding.

Can I use it if my pets skin is wounded or irritated?

Yes, you can. It may even support the recovery process.

My pets skin is highly allergic. Can I still use Cleapet?

It does not contain any allergen materials. We are receiving really good feedbacks from our customers with similar concerns.

Do I need to bathe my pet before using Cleapet?

No, not necessarily. If there is mud or excessive dust, just clean away those, wait until it gets dry and then apply Cleapet.

Do I need to bathe my pet after using Cleapet?

No, you don’t need to. It does not leave residue that needs to be washed away. To ensure a long-lasting effect dont bathe your pet right after the application. With regular use, it will even eliminate the need to bathe your pet entirely.

Can I use Cleapet on my puppy or kitten?

It is safe to use Cleapet on puppies and kittens.