Meet Cleapet

We are inspired by hugs.

We believe that cleaning can be a way to demonstrate your love for your pet. How? The application of Cleapet reminds us of giving a hug. So, we call this process a “fresh hug”.

Cleapet is not just a cleaning towel, its a cleaning kit.

1. Take 1 piece of Cleapet Wet Towel.

2. First clean eye areas and ears.

3. Then, place it on your pet’s body and give him a fresh hug! Start from his neck and finish it with the tail. Don’t forget the paws.

4. Enjoy the real smell of your pet coming out gradually. You don’t need to wash your pet after the application.

Our model Chucky was adopted from an animal shelter.

A close up to Cleapet

Our planet has limited water supplies and more than enough harmful chemicals. Cleapet is respectful to the sources of our environment. It has a water-based formula which won’t leave any colour or residuals. Its active ingredients are 99.9% biologically degradable in nature.

No animal product was used during its production and it wasn’t tested on any animals, so Cleapet is vegan.

Thanks to the revolutionary nano colloidal silver, Cleapet is naturally antibacterial. It is suitable for your pet’s PH value which is between 6.5-7.5. The main material of the towel is viscose. Our product is highly liquid absorbent due to its natural fiber structure.

Each towel is packed individually so it won’t contact air. Cleapet is anti-allergic and does not contain any alcohol, perfume, SLS or paraben.