Our Story

Meet Silas! This handsome fellow is the hero of Cleapet. In other words, he is the reason behind our story. Like most pooches, our 75 kilos giant buddy did not fancy bathing since he was a little puppy. In the beginning, we thought he would just get used to it in time. But nothing changed. He got bigger and bigger each day, so at last, our bath sessions turned into nightmares for both sides. However, it was difficult for us to give up the dog-bathing, as the other methods we tried were not as effective. Yes, wiping your dog with a hygienic wipe is a choice, but usually it’s not a real solution. They just suppress the odour for a while. That’s all. Besides, Silas didn’t like the scent of most of the dog cleaning wipes either.

At some point, it became unbearable and we decided to find our own solution. We wanted to create such a product, which really knocks down the unpleasant odours. At the same time, it had to be healthy for Silas and all our pet friends, as well as respectful to the environment. We wanted it to be a vegan product, and treat our dog like a king at the same time. After numerous sleepless nights full of research and efforts, we finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was the nano colloidal silver, the miraculous material which helps us prevent the bad smell while making his skin healthier. We never tried it on any animal until we completed the whole process, and were sure, that it is perfectly safe. There should be no need for a dog bath anymore.

Finally, one day Cleapet was ready and it was way more beneficial compared to most of the pet supplies. We were very curios about the reaction of our biggest judge: Silas. We held our breaths in the first try, and he just loved it!

We can actually say that Cleapet was made for Silas by his owners and turned into something bigger. Cleapet became the gift of Silas for all the pets and their owners to make their lives better. Many improvements start with a problem. We would like to thank Silas for being so determined against bathing. He gave us a chance to present a new point of view for grooming.

We love you man!